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FAQ's about SchoolQ

Does SchoolQ meet DOE guidelines?
SchoolQ meets and exceeds guidelines for federal compliance such as FERPA, PCI and more. We will work to satisfy all of your state’s IT accessibility requirements and website standards as well as meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design. Improved visibility into schools/school divisions and compliance with federal Section 508 and ADA requirements is a helpful by-product of working with SchoolQ.

Is SchoolQ cloud based?
Yes. We host our sites and applications in a high-security, high-compliance enterprise-class cloud. We only use U.S.-based data centers and we offer a financially backed SLA with 99.999% uptime.

Can SchoolQ interact with legacy systems?
We have an extensive history working with legacy systems. Our team will integrate with those, migrating old and new data to secure environments, simply and quickly.

Will I own my report system?
Yes. We offer custom development options that put you in complete control of your system. Optionally, we offer a subscription-based model that takes the headache out of ownership plus gives you and our other customers access to system updates and improvements.

Is my data safe?
Yes, no personally identifiable information ever has to pass into our hands. Typically, all state/ federal accountability reporting aggregations and calculations will be done by the client (agency or school district) before data are supplied to School-Q. Extensive data governance will be developed to include clearly defined roles and responsibilities. We will also work to ensure that the base data used to generate the indicators on the report are fully aligned to the national Common Education Data Standards (CEDS).

Custom development solutions may be required, depending on your specific needs.

Is SchoolQ mobile, tablet & desktop friendly?
Yes, our online reporting tools can be accessed on an array of mobile devices and are fully accessible to the visually handicapped.