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Why SchoolQ

SchoolQ’s award-winning approach to data visualization helps ordinary people see, understand, and make sense of school performance data.

With SchoolQ, you can rest easy knowing:

Our solutions are elegant and proven.
Our tools strive to exceed policy goals and provide value. Our team works with you to get the data right and communicate a story about school performance.

You’re tapping the power of cloud without compromising.
Since 2012, we’ve been providing eGov infrastructure solutions with industrial strength security and reliability as well as FERPA, PCI and other compliances.

We use best practices to communicate new insights.
Jettison static PDFs and data dump reports. Making analytics operational and visual allows users to determine the depth of their engagement.

We’ll integrate legacy data with new to meet ESSA goals.
Legacy apps? No problem. AISN will integrate with those, migrating old and new data to secure environments, simply and quickly.

You have a responsive provider.
AISN answers the phone, knows your data, and gives personalized service.